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Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Community Services Department provides professional planning, landscape architecture and project management services.  The Division's focus is on parks, trails and open space planning and support of the annual Capital Improvement Program.  The Division also provides expertise in water resources, long range planning for El Paso County and regional collaborative initiatives. 

Fountain Creek Regional Park Master Plan

Picture of Pond and Flowers at Fountain Creek Nature Center

Fountain Creek Regional Park is a 390-acre linear park situated along the banks of Fountain Creek between the cities of Colorado Springs and Fountain.  The park is owned and operated by El Paso County.  It includes a creek-side regional trail, Willow Springs Ponds, Hanson Nature Park, and the Fountain Creek Nature Center, the latter of which serves as the focal point for learning about Fountain Creek, the watershed, and riparian ecology.  Farther south, the Duckwood active use area consists of a 12 acre site with multi-purpose athletic fields, picnic pavilions, basketball court, and a playground.  A map showing the park location is available here: Fountain Creek Regional Park Map.

El Paso County Parks has completed a master plan for Fountain Creek Regional Park which addresses not only the current state of the park, but effectively plans for future improvements and continued maintenance.  As part of the process, an online survey was completed, as well as stakeholder interviews and two public meetings.  The public was given the opportunity to review the initial draft Master Plan and submitted comments.  The El Paso County Park Advisory Board endorsed the draft master plan on June 8th, and the Board of County Commissioners approved the master plan on June 28th.

You may also contact  Ross Williams, Park Planner, at (719)520-6984, or via email at

Widefield Community Park Master Plan

Widefield Community Park is a 50.5-acre linear park situated along the banks of Crews Gulch in the unincorporated community of Widefield and just north of the City of Fountain.  The park is owned and operated by El Paso County, and includes such features as McCrae Reservoir, an 18-basket disc golf course, playground, basketball courts, and a multi-use athletic field with baseball backstop.  The Crews Gulch Regional Trail winds through the park, where it travels south to Ceresa Park, Fountain Creek Regional Park, and the Fountain Creek Regional Trail.  A new map of the park is coming soon.

El Paso County Parks has updated the Master Plan for Widefield Community Park to address not only the current state of the park, but also to gather public input to effectively plan for future improvements.  El Paso County Parks asked for citizen input to update the master plan, through the use of an online public survey (see results below), public meetings in October 2016 and February 2017, and through the review of the draft Master Plan in February. The Master Plan was endorsed by the Park Advisory Board on March 8th, and the Board of County Commissioners approved the Master Plan on March 30th.  The final Master Plan is now available for download below.

For more information about the Widefield Community Park Master Plan, please check the project website: "Widefield Community Park Planning" 

You may also contact Ross Williams, Park Planner, at (719)520-6984, or via email at

Black Forest Regional Park Master Plan Update

BFRP Trail Damage

The trails within Black Forest Regional Park sustained significant damages from the Black Forest Fire and post-fire flooding. Numerous sections were damaged beyond repair, are now flood-prone, or traverse through severely charred areas within the Park.

El Paso County Parks is completing an update to the trails plan portion of the Black Forest Regional Park Master Plan to identify sections of trail for repair, re-route and/or closure in 2017. A map showing the pre-fire park trails is available here: Black Forest Regional Park Map.

El Paso County Parks completed a site inventory/analysis in May. The analysis was used to inform the development of 4 draft trail concepts for further consideration. The site analysis and draft trail concepts are available here:

As part of the process,  El Paso County established a project team and stakeholder group to provide input and support the County with trails plan update. A public meeting was held on Wednesday, July 19 to provide an opportunity for public review of the draft trail concepts and preferred concept.

The Trails Plan Update was refined in July, presented to the El Paso County Parks Advisory Board on August 9, 2017, and approved by the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners on September 5, 2017.

For more information about the Black Forest Regional Park Master Plan Update, please contact Jason Meyer, Project Manager, at (719)520-6985, or via email at


Falcon Regional Park Master Plan

Picture of a snowy Pikes Peak from north of Falcon, Colorado

The Falcon Regional Park covers 215 acres and will include active recreation areas as well as open space.  The park site is located east of the Meridian Ranch Development, adjacent with Eastonville Road, and north of the Falcon High School.  A map showing the location is available here: Falcon Regional Park Location

El Paso County Parks has completed a master plan for Falcon Regional Park with input from the community, including the potential activities and facilities to be provided. Links to the master plan and other documents appear below. 

For more information about the Falcon Regional Park Master Plan, please check the project website: "Falcon Regional Park Planning". 

You may also contact  Tim Wolken, Community Services Director, at (719)520-6981, or via email at


Urban Park Grant Program

El Paso County has established an Urban Park Grant / Nonprofit Program designed to promote the development of urban park opportunities throughout El Paso County. Urban parks promote health and wellness, stimulate community and economic development, help preserve the environment, provide opportunities for neighbors to meet and connect, and provide areas for wildlife.

Cities, towns, school districts, metropolitan districts, and special districts in El Paso County are eligible for an urban park grant. In addition, nonprofit organizations are also eligible through a contractual arrangement.

Urban park opportunities may include, but are not limited to: athletic facilities, playgrounds, gardens, parking areas, trails, aquatic facilities, and dog parks. Grant or nonprofit contract funds can also be used for the purchase of real property to establish an urban park. Urban parks are normally 25 acres or less and designed to serve a surrounding neighborhood or subdivision.

The funding for the Urban Park Grant Program is provided through developer impact fees. A link to the Urban Park Grant Program Policy and Program Guidelines appear below.