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Planning & Community Development
Code Enforcement


Code Violation Reporting Form                                              

 Code Enforcement Video 

(719) 520-6300 to report code violations by telephone.

You may print this form, which is and Adobe pdf file, fill it out and mail it to us or scan and e-mail it to the link on the left ("Ask Us").  Mail to: Development Services, 2880 International Circle, Suite 110, Colorado Springs, CO 80910.

If your form does not provide enough information to allow staff to find the property a file will not be opened.

If you are in the City of Colorado Springs report a violation to them or call 719-444-7891.

  • Code Enforcement Staff enforces the El Paso County Land Development Code.  Depending upon the type of Violation, Code Enforcement Officers contact violators who have been reported by neighbors or have been seen by the Code Enforcement Officer when in the field.  For particulars see Chapter 11 in the Land Development Code.  Call (719) 520-6300 for additional information.
  • The Development Services Department Code Enforcement Officers are also responsible for the review of advertising signs.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the enforcement process work?     A Code Violation is reported, and an inspection occurs as soon as possible.  Notice of Violation is sent, and violator is given 10 days to comply or to contact the Code Enforcement Officer.  If there is no contact or compliance within ten (10)  days, violation is presented to the Board of County Commissioners, the following month, at which time the Board is asked to authorize the County Attorney's Office to pursue litigation.
    Response time is seasonal and in the summer months Code Enforcement may take as long as 4 weeks to inspect a property.  During less busy times of the year response may be as short as two (2) weeks.
  • Why am I being singled out when my whole neighborhood is in violation?   El Paso County has two (2) Code Enforcement Officers for the unincorporated areas of the County and as such must rely on citizen complaints.
  • Do all my vehicles have to be licensed and operable?   The county no longer regulates unlicensed or expired license plates on vehicles.  If a vehicle appears inoperable, e.g., car up on jacks, flat tires, hood up, then it is a violation of the Land Development Code.
  • How many vehicles are allowed on a property?    A property owner is allowed to have as many operable vehicles as they want.
  • How many animals are allowed on a property?    A property (1 lot or home on one parcel of land) may have 4 cats or 4 dogs or a combination of the two.  For specifics of Animal Keeping click here.  This information is in Chapter 5 of the Land Development Code.
  • Who gave you permission to come onto my property?   All property inspections are accomplished from the road unless given permission by the property owner to come onto the property.
  • What should I do if the violation is contained solely to the back yard and cannot be seen by the Code Enforcement Officer?     Enforcement asks that pictures be provided by you, with the understanding there is the possibility that you may be asked to testify at a public hearing.
  • Who was the complainant?   Unless the complainant states they wish to remain anonymous, the name will be part of the violation file which is considered a public record.
  • How may a possible Illegal Business be reported?      Many times an illegal business is difficult to observe; neighbors are often the only ones who determine the existence of an illegal business.  Enforcement requires that the Code Violation Form state the type of illegal business suspected, photographs may be provided, and the complainant must be willing to testify at a public hearing if needed.