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Development Services Department
El Paso County Land Development Code



List of Tables
Chapter 1   Introductory Provisions (click for Chap. 1 Table of Contents)
  Section 1.1       Official Title              
  Section 1.2 Authority
  Section 1.3 Applicability
  Section 1.4 Purposes
  Section 1.5 Right-to-Farm
  Section 1.6 General Rules for Interpretation of this Code
  Section 1.7 Delegation of Authority
  Section 1.8 Zoning Map
  Section 1.9 Other Regulations
  Section 1.10 Transitional Provisions
  Section 1.11 Severability
  Section 1.12 Amendments
  Section 1.13 Building Permits
  Section 1.14 Rules of Construction
  Section 1.15 Definitions of Specific Terms and Phrases
  Section 1.16 Abbreviations of Terms and Phrases
Chapter 2   Administration (click for Chap. 2 Table of Contents)
  Section 2.1 General
  Section 2.2 Authorities
Chapter 3   General Zoning Districts (click for Chap. 3 Table of Contents)
  Section 3.1 Establishment of Zoning Districts
  Section 3.2 Zoning District Purposes
  Section 3.3 Uses and Standards
Chapter 4   Special Purpose, Overlay and Obsolete Zoning Districts (click for Chap. 4 Table of Contents)               
  Section 4.1 General
  Section 4.2 Special Purpose Zoning Districts
  Section 4.3 Overlay Zoning Districts
  Section 4.4 Obsolete Zoning Districts
Chapter 5   Use and Dimensional Standards (click for Chap. 5 Table of Contents)
  Section 5.1 Use Tables (all zones)
            Principal Uses                 Accessory Uses
  Section 5.2 Use-Specific Development Standards
  Section 5.3 Standards for Review, Approval, and Administration of Uses
  Section 5.4 Density and Dimensional Standards
  Section 5.5 Provisions for Relief from Density and Dimensional Standards
  Section 5.6 Legal Nonconformities
Chapter 6   General Development Standards (click for Chap. 6 Table of Contents)
  Section 6.1 General
  Section 6.2 Development Standards for Ancillary Facilities and Activities
  Section 6.3 Environmental Standards
Chapter 7   Rules Governing Divisions of Land (click for Chap. 7 Table of Contents)
  Section 7.1 General
  Section 7.2 Subdivisions, Subdivision Exemptions, and Other Actions that Create or Modify Property Boundaries or Interests in Property
  Section 7.3 Waivers
Chapter 8   Subdivision Design, Improvements and Dedications (click for Chap. 8 Table of Contents) 
  Section 8.1 General
  Section 8.2 Conformity with Plans and Standards
  Section 8.3 Restrictions Associated with the Plat
  Section 8.4 Design Considerations and Standards
  Section 8.5 Dedication and Fee Standards and Requirements
  Section 8.6 Construction and Acceptance of Required Improvements
  Section 8.7 Public Infrastructure Financing Provisions
Chapter 9   Special Districts (click for Chap. 9 Table of Contents)
  Section 9.1 General Provisions and Procedures
  Section 9.2 Service Plan Application Steps and Requirements
  Section 9.3 Material Modifications to County-Final Service Plan
  Section 9.4 Annual Reporting Requirements
  Section 9.5 Service Plan Processing Fee
Chapter 10   Annexation and Disconnection (click for Chap. 10 Table of Contents)
  Section 10.1 Annexation
  Section 10.2 Disconnection (Deannexation)
Chapter 11   Enforcement (click for Chap. 11 Table of Contents)
  Section 11.1 General Provisions
  Section 11.2 Relationship to Other Regulations
  Section 11.3 Zoning Violations
  Section 11.4 Subdivision Violations
  Section 11.5 Solid Wastge Violation Enforcement Actions and Remedies
  Section 11.6 Violations of Habitat Conservation Plans (Reserved)
Appendix A   Reference Documents and Regulations (click for Appendix A Table of Contents)
  A.1 General