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Planning & Community Development

Planning & Community Development
frequently asked questions
Setbacks & Easements

  • What is a setback?  How may I find out what mine are?

        A Setback is the minimum distance from the property line to any existing or proposed structure.  Setback distances required vary by Zone District and type of structure.  To view Setbacks for each Zone District click on the following links:  Residential Property Setbacks or Commercial Property Setbacks. (To find which zone you are in click on the Real Estate Parcel Search to the left side of this page.)

  •   Must my deck meet setback requirements?

           If it is attached to the home and over 18 inches in height the deck must meet residential property setbacks. If it is attached and less than 18 inches in height is not considered a structure and has no setback requirement.

          If the deck is detached and over 18 inches in height it is considered an accessory structure and must meet the residential setbacks or those for an accessory structure, whichever is listed in the zone district.  If it is detached and less than 18 inches in height the deck is not considered a structure and has no setback requirement.

  • What is an Easement?

          An Easement is an area which is reserved, conveyed or dedicated for a specialized or limited purpose without the transfer of fee title; e.g., public utilities easements.

          You continue to own the property but it is set aside for use as needed by the entity certified (by recorded plat, etc.) to use it.  You are not allowed to build a structure in an easement. 

          Site Plans reviewed by the Development Services Department are required to show all Easements.  Easements are shown or specified in the notes on each individual subdivision plat.