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Planning & Community Development

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Executive Director: Craig Dossey
2880 International Circle, Suite 110
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

 Telephone: (719)520-6300
Fax: (719)520-6695
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Program Mission - The Planning & Community Development Department (PCD) reviews all new development proposals within the unincorporated area, as well as reviewing associated construction and building permits, for compliance with the zoning, subdivision, and engineering requirements required by state and local laws.  Staff authorizes building and other permits, reviews construction and drainage plans, inspects public improvements, administers a 1041 permit process, and monitors properties for compliance with zoning and ordinance provisions, while processing land use applications as staff to the El Paso County Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Board of County Commissioners, and various committees.  Staff works with citizens to develop and maintain the county’s Master Plan, consisting of a county-wide Policy Plan as well as more focused small area comprehensive plans and specific topical elements such as the Transportation Plan.  Staff also coordinates with other county departments and neighboring jurisdictions on local and regional planning issues.

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