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Forestry and Noxious Weeds
9:01 am
Forestry and Noxious weeds
Environmental Technician
Tina Travis
Telephone:  (719) 520-7839

Environmental Technician
Bryan Welding
Telephone:  (719) 520-7846

3255 Akers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80922
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Noxious weeds

El Paso County is committed to developing and implementing policies, procedures, and standards for efficient mapping, monitoring, enforcement, education, and control of noxious weeds throughout El Paso County.  The Environmental Division coordinates and monitors public and private control of noxious weeds utilizing integrated weed management techniques including mechanical (mowing, pulling), chemical (herbicide treatments), biological (insects), and cultural methods (re-seeding with native plants). 

Winter Watering Guidelines
Winters in Colorado are typically sunny and dry.  Given the below normal precipitation that we are already experiencing, these are stress inducing conditions for trees and shrubs.  
To ease these conditions, trees and shrubs should be watered during the winter months.  Most of the tree roots are found in the top fourteen inches of the root zone.  The objective of winter watering is to deliver water to the tree root zone. 
-Apply water when the daytime temperature is above 40 degrees and when the soil is not frozen.
-Apply mid-day and allow water to soak in before possible freezing at night.
-Avoid allowing water to pool near the root crown where it can freeze and damage the bark.
-Water during extended dry periods.  At least twice during the winter months.
For more guidelines on winter watering, please refer to the Colorado State University Extension fact sheet:  Fall and Winter Watering 


Forest Stewardship is defined as active management of forests and related resources to keep these lands in a productive and healthy condition for present and future generations, and to increase the economic, environmental, and social benefits of our land.  This includes mapping, monitoring, enforcement, education, and management of tree diseases and forest pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Noxious Weeds and Forest Health

Additional Information Regarding Noxious Weeds and Forest Health