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Recycling Programs
Recycling Programs
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Where to Recycle in El Paso County

Recycling is the processing of used materials into new products to prevent the end-of-life of potentially useful items.  This is accomplished by redirecting an item that has already provided initial value and creating something usable, either for the original purpose or another.  There are many benefits to recycling:  it saves energy, decreases emissions of greenhouse gasses, and conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals.  Many things that you see around you every day can be recycled.  To assist in this effort, El Paso County publishes a Recycling Directory designed to provide residents options to recycle many different materials.

Yard Waste Recycling 

Grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, twigs, uprooted weeds, and other yard waste materials make up approximately 18% of the annual municipal waste stream taken to landfills.  These materials are valuable resources when they are properly recycled.  El Paso County encourages all citizens to bring their yard waste to the collection site which is open every Saturday year-round. 

The El Paso County Black Forest Slash and Mulch Program

The Black Forest Slash / Mulch Program operates May to September each year.  The site is located on the east side of Herring Road, just south of Shoup Road.  Materials accepted are; tree and bush trimmings, pine cones and pine needles.  No stumps, roots, grass or sod.  The mulch drop-off cost is $2 a load.

As part of a strategy to increase waste diversion and recycling in the Pikes Peak region, El Paso County received a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity grant from the State of Colorado, and following a competitive bid process, contracted with Skumatz Economic Research Associates Inc. (SERA) to conduct an analysis of recycling efforts in the area.  The project had three goals:

  1.  Identify recycling tonnage and show a comparative analysis that accurately reflects landfill disposal and recycling tonnage.

  2.  Analyze existing recycling opportunities in El Paso and Teller counties.

  3.  Develop a strategy plan to outline options that will increase recycling participation in the Pikes Peak region.

To complete this project, SERA conducted a series of phone and in-person interviews with stakeholders, contacted all of the private and public sector agencies involved in waste, recycling, and composting in the region, and used SERA's extensive in-house database of recycling and diversion programs to outline a cohesive strategy for increased diversion.