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Public Meeting Notices

The next Highway Advisory Commission meeting will be held Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Click here for agenda. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Public Meetings Notice for the Regional Non-Motorized Transportation System Plan.

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public services department

Executive Director: Jim Reid
County Engineer: Andre Brackin
Operations Manager: Max Kirschbaum

3275 Akers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Telephone: 719-520-6460/Fax: 719-520-6879
Administration > Public Services > Transportation
Current Topics


  • As of June 25, 2015:
      • Jones Road (E of Log Rd)


      • Log Road (Black Squirrel Creek area)
      • Chief Road and Pinto Pony Road (SE of Falcon)
      • Rampart Terrace (Cascade)
      • Laura Road
      • Dix Circle
      • Widefield Dr
      • Paseo Corto
      • Calle Corto
      • Terminal Drive


    • NOTE Siferd Blvd and Date Street continue to have  fluctuating water levels at the low water crossing. Do not cross during high water.        



    Forms Planning

    Use or Close a County Road Application

      Transportation Planning

      Stormwater Planning

      • Draft Falcon Drainage Basin Planning Study
      Construction Projects
      Highway Advisory Commission

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      Click here for agenda.

      Wednesday, April 15, 2014 9:00am

      1.Call Meeting to Order

      2. Absences

      3. Approve Meeting Minutes Previous Month

      4. Commissioner/Citizen Comments (not on agenda)

      5. Staff Reports

        A. Administration

        B. Engineering Division

           1. Non- Motorized Transportation Plan

           2. Road Permit Fee Update

       C. Operations Division

          1. Revised Mowing Program

      6. Adjournment