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Public Meeting Notices

The next Highway Advisory Commission meeting will be held Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Click here for agenda. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Public Meetings Notice for the Regional Non-Motorized Transportation System Plan.

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public services department

Executive Director: Jim Reid
County Engineer: Andre Brackin
Operations Manager: Max Kirschbaum

3275 Akers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Telephone: 719-520-6460/Fax: 719-520-6879
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Current Topics

As of July 13, 2015:

    • Jones Road (E of Log Rd)
    • Pinto Pony Way
    • Log Road (Black Squirrel Creek area)
    • Chief Road
    • Rampart Terrace (Cascade)
    • Laura Road
    • Dix Circle
    • Widefield Dr
    • Paseo Corto
    • Calle Corto
    • Terminal Drive
    • Sunset Trail (from Garrett Rd to Condor Rd)

    NOTE: Siferd Blvd and Date Street continue to have  fluctuating water levels at the low water crossing. Do not cross during high water.



    Forms Planning

    Transportation Planning

    Stormwater Planning

    • Draft Falcon Drainage Basin Planning Study
    Construction Projects
    Highway Advisory Commission

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    Click here for agenda.

    Wednesday, July 15, 2014 9:00am

    1. Call Meeting to Order

    2. Absences

    3. Approve Meeting Minutes Previous Month

    4. Commissioner/Citizen Comments (not on agenda)

    5. Staff Reports

      A. Administration

        1. Work Session on Wheel Imput

      B. Engineering Division

         1. Engineering Criteria Manual

         2. Capital Programs Update

     C. Operations Division

        1. Gravel, Chip Seal, Dust Abatement

    6. Adjournment